some do battle, others just do tricks

i'm mary. 18. i like comics.

teddy / marko / loki / nat

the sampson to my tony

the bucky to my steve


u know

when bucky and steve reunite after all those years, bucky punches him in the face

when charles and erik reunite after all those years, charles punches him in the face

thor im counting on u to complete the otp pyramid of ritualistic face punching

Anonymous: holy shit did you make that picture of cap with the sunglasses on? if so can i use it as my icon? and if not do you know who did?

i did not! 

i have no idea who made it hahaha i saved that to my gif folder like three years ago, it’s an oldie


*tips fury* m’othafucker

*tips Hill* m’aria

Anonymous: you are my hero

it’s an honor

i’ve had three weeks to do a project

it’s due tomorrow

it’s 11:46 at night

literally i’ve done for the past 5 hours is watch shrek videos

I legitimately want this.

me too and the best part are the soundtracks, they’re all so good and even fit thorloki lmao i’m trash

Thor AU

everything is the same but Shrek is an unquestioned son of Odin

thorloki modern au

Ég breiða rassinn minn fyrir Shrek,” Thor moans, his voice sending a shiver down Loki’s spine. Loki pauses for a second, sure that he heard Thor say ‘Shrek’, but then Thor swallows down his cock and all rational thought goes out the window.